Private Dining

There are times when you may decide to organise an event or party. Perhaps it’s for a birthday, a christening, or a party celebrating someone’s retirement, or simply a tea party. Whatever the case may be, you are most likely going to want to impress your guests with some good food. But why settle on simply “good”?

A dish created by Molecular Magic for a private dining event

Throw the perfect party with the perfect food

Molecular Magic offers some of the finest catering services in the UK. Perfect for all your special events, we offer a level of professionalism that no other catering company can compete with. 

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Guest relaxing while dining is served

Relax and enjoy the party with the guests!

Thanks to our rich experience and the incredible skill of our chefs, we can provide your guests with some of the most mouth-watering dishes and a service that they’ll remember for a long time. We’ll take care of everything.

A main course created by Molecular Magic for a private dining event

Incredible Food, Impeccable Service

We offer a range of foods from traditional to modern meals, to even incredibly innovative solutions like molecular cuisine. But we don’t just provide the best food – our service is unmatched. 

We’ll keep your guests supplies with food and clean up after everything afterwards. So there’s no need to worry about anything – with our help, your special event will be a blast for everyone involved!

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We had a family private dining experience last night. The table was dressed beautifully whilst we enjoyed a pre-dinner drink. Seven courses followed, each one presented in an unusual, unique manner, every one producing a ‘wow’ reaction; some for inventiveness, every one for flavour. I can’t rate highly enough. Friendly, informative, passionate about his food, Maciek truely delivered a wonderful evening. Thank you.
Katherine Wills